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Outstanding early education for an exceptional community

Small class sizes, dynamic curriculum, creatively inspired programs for newborns through preschool - right here in Park Cities.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a loving, caring and nurturing childcare experience with an emphasis on Montessori teaching for all cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds where parents and teachers embrace open, candid, and honest communication in order for the children to thrive and have the opportunity to blossom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of our society.

Our Philosophy

The goal of our PCDS Montessori education is to foster a child’s natural inclination to learn where teachers guide rather than instruct, linking each student with activities that meet their interests, needs, and developmental level in a classroom.


  • To provide a warm, caring environment to develop your child’s creative, intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills.

  • To provide a safe environment that is part of a natural progression from home to school

  • To ensure that your child is cared for and is supervised at all times

  • To employ staff who are experienced and well trained to provide the best care and enrichment for your child

  • To provide a communication system that ensures parent-staff contact throughout the year.


It is the goal of Park Cities Day School to partner with our families in providing the best possible care and education for your child.  We are extremely enthusiastic about answering all your inquiries.  We are available via telephone, e-mail, or in person.

Our Staff

The director of PCDS is Karol Fuget. Karol was promoted to the position of Director in December of 2000, after teaching at PCDS for over ten years.

The staff at Park Cities Day School consists of 16 teachers, many of who have been with the school over 10 years.  PCDS has always been proud of its long-term staff and low turnover rate, which provides great stability for our children and a loving family environment.  They have personal qualities of friendliness, warmth, and the ability to relate openly to children and adults.  Our staff is dedicated to the needs of the children and the concerns of the parents.  Our teachers are trained in first aid and CPR. Our teachers also attend childcare related training workshops.

We continue to strive for excellence in all our programs, and regular evaluations of staff and programming ensures ongoing high quality care for your children.

Hours of Operation

PCDS is open Monday through Friday, 12 months per year, from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Since we are licensed only for specific hours of operation, no early drop-off or late pick-up can be allowed.

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Carol's Curriculum ®

PCDS uses the Carol's curriculum. Inspiring little learners through monthly curriculum and age-appropriate learning materials. We provide education material starting at 6 weeks. 

Hola Spanish Academy

PCDS introduces the Spanish language to our children in the Toddler II and Pre-School Classes through a weekly program that builds a strong fundamental foundation that includes shapes, numbers, colors, days of the week and months.

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