6 Weeks to 10 months

The newborn room is for children between 6 weeks to 8 months of age. Our newborn program is individualized to every need. All newborns are fed, changed, and nap on their own individual schedule. Teachers track daily feedings, diaper changes, and naps on our daily reports. Here at Park Cities Day School we have created a safe, healthy and well-balanced environment to enhance each child’s individual needs. Our newborn classrooms are designed to begin working on the six developmental domains that are at the center of school and life success.

These six areas are physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language and communication development, and cognitive development.  We will promote growth in each of these domains by implementing developmentally appropriate and engaging activities for our newborns/infants.


Newborn programs will focus on creating a nurturing learning environment where your child can feel safe and secure. By providing you a detailed report of how your child’s day was, you will not miss a moment of your precious child’s growth. We believe it is very important to begin developing language at an early age. In our newborn/infant room, we will foster your child’s language by giving a lot of love, while caring for your child. The newborns are given a lot of attention and loving care. As their age permits, they spend their time in bouncy seats, swings, floor play and exersaucers. The teachers will provide you with written details about their day, including their eating and elimination. When a child has learned to crawl, or become mobile we move the child to our Infant Room I. 


PCDS knows that leaving your infant in the care of others can be very difficult. If space permits it may be helpful to you to leave your infant for a few hours a day or two before you must return to work full time. Please speak to Karol if you are interested (All enrollment paperwork must be completed first.)


Nursing Mothers

We at Park Cities Day School encourage visits at any time, especially those mothers who are breast-feeding.  A quiet room will be made available for all mothers choosing to nurse their baby while at the daycare.


Newborn Supplies Required

  • Parents/guardians will provide all formula, juice, bibs, burp cloths and baby food for their newborns/infants. Bottles and baby food jars should be clearly labeled with the baby’s full names. In order to ensure the safest environment for your baby, formula and opened baby food jars will be sent home at the end of each day.

  • Parents must bring diapers, diaper rash ointment, baby wipes, clothing, bibs, burp cloths, bottles and formula for each infant. The staff will communicate when supplies are low.

  • Parents are asked to bring multiple changes of seasonal appropriate clothes for infants. This will allow the staff to provide the optimal level of comfort for your baby in case the spit up or otherwise soil their clothes.

  • PCDS provides crib sheets. Sheets are laundered every Friday.

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