Toddler I

2 Years to 3 Years

As the toddlers continues to mature, they are moved into our Toddler I classroom which is for children between the ages of 2 to 3 years. The children begin to have a more structured day which prepares the for our Toddler II classroom. In the Toddler I class, our curriculum expands by continuing teaching of colors, numbers, shapes, increasing vocabulary, counting and conducting art projects.



In our toddler classroom we encourage each child to learn how to make choices. We have designed the classrooms in such a way that each child can lean on an individual basis by choosing a work to engage in. In the toddler classrooms we will continue to focus on the six developmental domains. We will develop math/cognitive, sensory, art, motor skills, and must and movement.


Our staff will implement lesson plans that will increase their developing skills in a variety of age appropriate activities. Each morning and afternoon the children will participate in group time. In which they will work on recognizing shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. They will also introduce the calendar and weather elements. In addition, we will encourage healthy social interactions by making sure each child is aware of their friends feelings and helping them to engage in constructive play with other children.


The children will be exploring the outside world with outside play time, both in the morning and afternoon (weather permitting). The children will enjoy a wonderful playground with age appropriate equipment where they can climb, run, and ride bikes.

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